Hi! I'm a masters student in computational linguistics at the University of Washington, and I'm broadly interested in machine learning for natural language processing. I'm currently advised by Noah Smith.

I'll be spending this summer as an AI resident at X, the moonshot factory, working on confidential projects in coding and program synthesis!

In 2021 I spent time building language + vision models on the AllenNLP team at AI2 and investigating bias in machine learning models on the platform health team at Twitter. I also spent a few years as a software engineer at Tableau and Google before starting grad school.

I graduated with a B.S. in computer science from the University of Washington in 2017, where I worked with Yangfeng Ji and Noah Smith on deep learning for text pair predictions.


June 2022 Started at X!
April 2022 Our papers on Bidimensional Leaderboards and Transparent Human Evaluation for Image Captioning were both accepted to NAACL '22.
September 2021 Officially back at UW!
June 2021 Started on Twitter's Platform Health team.
March 2021 Started at AllenNLP/AI2.